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    Greenland Paddles
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    Kayak Building Classes
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    WHOA!  Hang on there partner.  You are now officially looking at the OLD Cape Falcon Kayak website, which isn't a bad thing, because there are zillions of pages of awesome stuff here we couldn't migrate to the new platform.  So please, stay awhile and look around, and when you're done you can head on over and check out our leap into the 21st century!

    New Website HERE

    Kayak Building Classes
    First class of 2014,  a week at Westwind  click here
    Building kayaks at the Northwest Maritime Center
    Winter 2011,  kayak building on Orcas Island
    Teaching in Tasmania, building kayaks down under
    Some photos from our first class of the year at the 美国ssr
    Step by step, kayak building class photo documentary click here
    I was invited to teach kayak building at the 20th annual Delmarva paddlers retreat. 免费的ssrr SSR节点
    January kayak building class at Valley Forge,  nice photo documentary
    Building SC-1's in San Francisco, more cool pictures
    Building kayaks on the East Coast photos of big, weird moths
    Building kayaks in Sitka, Alaska kayak fishing photos
    On the road again...  Building kayaks in North Carolina click here
    Building a driftwood and scraps kayak photo documentary click here

    Seasonal Updates

    Changes, the Cape Falcon Kayak 2013 winter update click here

    Harvest,  the Cape Falcon Kayak fall 2013 update click here
    Big projects and Little projects,  the Cape Falcon Kayak summer 2013 update here
    Unforseen Difficulties,  the Cape Falcon Kayak 2013 spring update.
    Rain, the Cape Falcon Kayak fall update.
    Food,  the Cape Falcon Kayak 2012 summer update
    Flow,  the Cape Falcon Kayak spring update for 2012
    Transformation,  Cape Falcon Kayak 2012 美国免费节点ssr.
    Farewell September,  Cape Falcon Kayak fall update 2011
    Cape Falcon Kayak summer photo update and general purpose apology here
    A kayak named 'Sarah McLachlan',  2010 year in review

    Trips and Adventures
    A Cape Falcon Kayak solstice surf session
    A terrestrial adventure,  crossing overland from the ocean to the farm via Onion Peak
    Creeking goes coastal,  a trip around the mountain in whitewater kayaks
    Happy holidays,  my from-scratch pumpkin pie recipe,  enjoy.
    Black Friday Bargain,  Cape Falcon Kayak goes shopping.
    Surf, salmon, sunsets, and smiles  paddling with Jeff and Cate from Liquid Fusion Kayaking
    Dirk and I head out for a quick morning surf session before he heads back to Newfoundland.
    Tandem voyage down the 美国免费节点ssr.
    and crash landing the F2 at Arch Cape

    Some photos of a Greenland rolling demonstration  click here
    I spent a week touring the San Juan islands with friend and traditional skills expert Kiliii Yu. click here
    This August myself and Mike Higgins spent a week paddling the Southern Oregon coast.
    Happy holidays, check out my adventure of kayaking to thanksgiving dinner  click here
    I took with a friend to the desert canyons of Utah to kayak on the Green River
    12 hours in a dry suit click here
    Paddling with Wally around Cape Falcon click here
    A week of paddling with my friend Alec click here
    Paddling the Pacific on a cold winter day  美国ssr节点
    Autumn fitness training, gorgeous surf photos   click here
    22 mile Oregon Coast training paddle, awesome pics 美国免费节点ssr
    Slots and sea caves click here
    Photos from  PC-TIKS surf event held at Manzanita, Oregon 免费的ssrr SSR节点
    My awesome winter paddle day with Rich and Bailey click here
    Rich Delong sent me  美国ssr节点
    Winter attempt to circumnavigate the Big Island click here
    Man rolls truck over kayaks, view the damage 俄罗斯ssr节点
    Skipping work, what I did today instead click here
    Salvaging logs by kayak click here

    Fish Stories
    Catching a huge fall Chinook from my F1 kayak  story here
    Hooking up at the bar,  a tale of pursuit.
    Whitewater kayak fishing for winter steelhead
    Crabs for dinner,  a tale of modern day kayak hunting.

    Murder by Kayak, a true story of warm blooded killing  click here
    Killer waves and stolen crabs, extreme crabbing shennanigans click here

    Class IV the Cape Falcon Kayak whitewater kayaking blog

    Traditonal Replica Kayaks
    Follow along as I build a Canadian Arctic kayak frame from driftwood with hand tools
    Fram Museum # 176 Greenland kayak click here
    1935 Sisimuit replica kayak the best Greenland kayak I've ever built.
    1926 Sisimuit West Greenland kayak replica click here
    early 20th century East Greenland kayak replica click here
    New 1931 Greenland replica kayak delivered the old fashioned way  click here
    Mid 20th century West Greenland replica click here
    1850s  Aleutian double kayak  click here
    1834 West Greenland kayak replica and great surf photos click here
    It is a shame that most people only know about Greenland kayaks, here is a page crafted by kayak historian Harvey Golden.  It shows the broad diversity of traditional arctic kayaks.  click here

    Modern Kayaks
    A few quick photos of a kayak design I've been working on for the last couple years here
    Introducing the F2 tandem kayak,   F2 Design Page
    Read about my new kayak design for 2008 the F1
    modified fiberglass squirt boat  The Vulcan surf project
    Testing my longer sea kayak design, the L.P.B.   click here

    Other types of boats

    Adirondack Guide Boat version 2.0.   Check out the newest boats here

    The lightweight of a kayak, the speed of a canoe, the skin-on-frame Adirondack guide boat!
    Photo documentary of voyaging my row/sail boat in the Sea of Cortez click here
    To see this boat being built click here
    Outrigger sailing canoe click here
    The Blue Canoe click here
    The experimental boat click here

    Beginners guide to using a Greenland Kayak免费的ssrr SSR节点
    A guide that I put together to introduce students and customers to using the F1.
    New!  a quick guide to choosing the right kayak for your needs click here
    foam thigh hooks
    Ted's anti-pop footbrace solution
    adding a rub strip
    installing a back band
    installing deck lines
    how to skin a kayak

      Sustainable Architecture
    Come for a class and rent the Japanese Forest House
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